The auto-racing series that makes motorsport relevant to the 21st Century by showcasing the next generation of performance cars.

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The MotorSport Series for the 21st Century

For the first time, motorsport will show the car-buying public that driving environmentally friendly cars can be exciting! By partnering with existing international motorsport series over 350,000 spectators around Europe will see the action, and the TV programme of the series is expected to reach over 100 million homes globally.

All the racecars will be fast, attractive road-going concept sportscars that will be so environmentally friendly that they could drive into London without paying an emissions charge.

enviroSportscar will provide the automotive industry with both a very relevant research and development proving ground and a powerful technology showcase.

Open competition means any technology can be used, and the series is intended to help prove the real world high performance application of emerging drive & fuel systems such as Hybrid, Electric, Hydrogen and Bio-diesel, as well as tyres, energy recovery systems and aerodynamics.