enviroSportscar offers automotive manufacturers a unique opportunity to show the performance potential of the ‘green’ technology they are currently spending billions of dollars to develop for the next generation of cars.

To make the series as relevant as possible to the real world of performance cars, each entrant will be a road registerable two door car that can carry two passengers with luggage, and be either a coupe or a convertible. Importantly enviroSportscar welcomes the use of any technology (unlike formula racing) so that the public can see all the different possible alternatives for their performance car of the future.

It’s expected that entrants will be a combination of eye-catching design concept cars by major manufacturers, production cars fitted with innovative new drive train technology under development, or be ground-breaking production sportscars from niche manufacturers.


All cars would need to have a total ‘well to wheel’ carbon footprint of less than 100g/Km of CO2 (TBC) to qualify – much more demanding than any other motorsport series. All will be required to lap race circuits at impressively high speeds, compete in Drag Races at a respectable level, and to do long-distance runs without refueling. All cars will be performance balanced using a process similar to that used in the FIA GT3 European Championship.


It is envisaged that they will be approximately 6 + manufacturer teams competing with two cars in each team. This will see a grid of at least 12 cars.


Interested manufacturers are invited to contact the organisers enviroSportscar Limited to arrange a meeting to discuss entry into the series in 2011 or 2012.

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The MotorSport Series for the 21st Century